Hybrid – Customized Self-paced and Synchronous Training Options

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Hybrid – Customized Self-paced and Synchronous Training Options

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Behavioral health workforce shortages and increased demand for services have required mental health professionals and organizations to devise innovative service delivery and training strategies that are evidence-based, high quality, and sustainable. Listed below are a few popular hybrid training options. All hybrid training packages are customized to meet the individualized needs of behavioral health organizations. 

Popular Training Combinations

Training as usual with a one-shot method is largely ineffective. The use of traditional workshop models or any single strategy is unlikely to be successful. Instead, a combination of approaches that comprise overlapping techniques and interventions such as interactive didactics, goal identification, small group discussion, critical thinking, self-reflection, peer collaboration, independent access to information, direct feedback, and follow-up have been found to be the most effective. Successful training is complex and involves attention to clinician engagement, active methods of promoting skill acquisition and providing ongoing support to solidify skills and build confidence. Transdisciplinary training emphasizing real-world clinical examples in practice and promoting self-regulated learning is essential. Of course, there is a need for implementation training to be studied including intervention fidelity, client outcomes, provider confidence, and the mechanisms for training effectiveness. Comprehensive training programs are essential to achieve implementation. Providers will need time and resource allocation to solidify their skills and acquisition. We invite all clinicians to complete evaluations and post-training feedback surveys to continue to improve and develop engaging, evidence-based, cost- and time-effective training. 

Taste – Solution-Focused Skills and Practice for entire agencies provides the opportunity for all people within your organization to get a brief introduction and “taste” of SFBT.  This course is open to unlimited participants. Behavioral health organizations including agencies providing integrated care often include primary care practitioners, administrators, executives, and other staff to give everyone a brief overview of the approach and consider whether more training may be of interest. This course offers 2CE credit/clock hours.

The live interactive Basic – Solution-focused Skills and Practice course combined with the self-paced course Solution Focused Brief Therapy: An Introduction to Clinical Practice for agencies is a good choice for clinicians interested in developing fundamental solution-focused brief therapy skills. This combination offers 12 CE for the Skills and Practice course and 5CE for the Self-paced course for a total of 17 CE credit/clock hours.

Many organizations also pair the self-paced courses with the live cohort training of BASIC Solution-Focused Skills and Practice for agencies. Because we record these live interactive trainings, we offer a self-paced customized version for each organization that new staff can take while obtaining continuing education credits. Offering continuing education training in group cohorts builds relationships and further sustains a workforce while also providing a context for staff to continue practicing the skills with each other. Providing continuing professional development with colleagues and education credits are common reasons for staff satisfaction and can help sustain the workforce and may decrease staff turnover. A combination of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: An Introduction to Clinical Practice paired with the live customized interactive BASIC Skills and skills and practice (that can be offered to staff at later times in a self-paced format) provides 17 continuing education credits!

Some agencies interested in developing more in-depth skills take our most intensive self-paced course: Foundations of Solution-Focused Practice Online Intensive. Combining the Foundations course with our live interactive 12-hour skills and Basic – Solution-focused Skills and Practice course may be helpful for those wanting more intensive readings, lectures, video demonstrations, and clinical practice activities. Supervisors and those who wish to sustain the approach within the organization find this combination helpful.  This combination provides 19.5 CE credit/clock hours for the Foundations course plus 12 CE credit/clock hours for the Skills and Practices Basic course for a total of 31.5 CE credit/clock hours.

Some agencies are interested in pursuing more advanced practice skills. We offer Advance – Solution-Focused Skills and Practice for Agencies, which is a live interactive online course that provides 12 hours of additional advanced skills and practice training with a master solution-focused practitioner. This course is eligible for 12 CE credit/clock hours.

We offer customized enhancement sessions for agencies who hope to sustain the practice of solution-focused skills within their agency. These booster sessions are customized based on the agency’s needs and may be provided monthly, quarterly, or in a time frame that the agency finds most helpful.

We offer a Supervision Solution-Focused Skills and Practice course for clinicians who provide supervision and consultation within behavioral health organizations. This course is another way to help sustain the SFBT practice within an agency. This course is eligible for 12 CE credit/clock hours.

Many organizations are coping with workforce shortages and high staff turnover. We offer an array of online self-paced asynchronous courses that can be given to new hires, such as Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: An Introduction to Clinical Practice and Foundations of Solution-Focused Practice Online Intensive. In this way, new hires can be introduced to the approach on an as-need basis offering organizations flexibility and nimbleness to adapt to the ever-changing landscape in mental health.

Please see our Continuing Education Information page for information about CE credits and clock hours, and our accreditations and approvals for psychologists, social workers, counselors, and marriage & family therapists.

Students should check with their professional licensing boards to make certain that a specific course will be accepted toward their continuing education requirements.

To receive continuing education hours, the student must attend the entire online presentation, engage in all activities, and complete the course evaluation.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be given instructions on how to download and print their Certificates of Completion.

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