Solution-Focused Therapy Online Self-Paced Courses

The Institute for Solution-Focused Therapy is pleased to offer state-of-the-art training in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and related practices. Our courses are designed for beginner and advanced practicing professionals in the mental health, social services, education, and health care disciplines; offering a hope-friendly, pragmatic approach for incorporating positive psychology principles and practice with the following unique features:

  • Developed from and reflect the most current advances in the evidence-based version of the Solution-Focused approach.
  • Taught by prominent SFBT leaders.
  • Conducted by instructors who were directly trained and supervised by original SFBT developers de Shazer and Berg.

Self -Paced Courses

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: An Introduction to Clinical Practice

5 CE Credit/Clock Hours – $125

Introduction to Clinical Practice SFBT

This course offers an introduction to the clinical practice of solution-focused brief therapy and is structured as an online, self-paced, text materials and lecture based course with exam. Areas covered include key components of SFBT in clinical practice, SFBT major tenets, SFBT evidence and research. The lecture includes numerous demonstration videos. This course is available in English and Spanish.

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Foundations of Solution-Focused Practices Online Intensive

19.5 CE Credit/Clock Hours – $495

foundations solution focused practice course

This is our most complete and comprehensive self-paced, online program and includes a ten-part video lecture series, an electronic version of the book Learning Solution-Focused Therapy: An Illustrated Guide, video demonstrations, case studies, and clinical practice exercises. This course provides an intensive investigation of the foundational knowledge, training, and practice in the Solution-Focused approach.

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Solution-Focused Therapy for the Treatment of Trauma

4 CE Credit/Clock Hours – $100

solution focused trauma treatment course

This course applies Solution-Focused Therapy to the treatment of trauma with an emphasis on PTSD. It is an online, self-paced, text and lecture-based course with exam that applies SFBT principals and interventions to trauma treatment. The course also offers a review of the research supporting the evidence-basis of SFBT for the treatment of trauma.

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Clients Experiencing Grief: A Solution-Focused Approach

5 CE Credit/Clock Hours – $125

Grief therapy course

This course provides an application of the evidence-based Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Approach to counseling people in the aftermath of loss. This self-paced course offers a framework and practical techniques with reading material, text transcripts, video lecture, and a video case demonstration.

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Solution-Focused Well-Being Self-Help Techniques

Not eligible for continuing education credits – $20

self help techniques solution focused course

This course is suitable for those seeking to improve their overall quality of life by envisioning, refining, pursuing and achieving practical goals reflective of their best hopes and aspirations. Students will discover their own best coping strategies, develop and implement their own uniquely effective solutions to everyday challenges and problems.

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More Than Miracles: The State of the Art of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

6 CE Credit/Clock Hours – $50

more than miracles course

This is an assessment-only course with an exam based on the book More Than Miracles. The book and course are purchased separately. The book is not included in the cost of the course.   Written by pioneering experts in the field, More Than Miracles remains an authoritative text on Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

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