The Institute for Solution-Focused Therapy

The Institute For Solution-Focused Therapy is a world premier solution-focused training institute. Our mission is to provide evidence-based, high-quality, and sustainable Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and associated practices to individual practitioners and staff within behavioral health organizations. We strive to make a positive difference by providing practical skills in a readily accessible online format that can be immediately applied with the clients you serve.

Our faculty includes a board-certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist who has been practicing this approach for over 25 years. We were personally trained by the original developers of the SFBT approach, Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer. We train internationally and continue to develop courses that are designed to meet the needs of practicing clinicians. Dr. Anne Bodmer Lutz is the author of Learning Solution-Focused Therapy: An Illustrated Guide that includes numerous video demonstrations of this evidence-based approach.

We provide diverse and flexible online training choices, including customized hybrid program options that combine live-interactive synchronous experiences with self-paced remote learning components maximizing training effectiveness. We offer a broad range of courses, from introductory to advanced and ongoing enhancement programs. Most of our courses are eligible for continuing education credit.

Our transdisciplinary approach engages with many professional disciplines, including physicians, mental health practitioners, educators, para-professionals, nurses, child protection services, EAP organizations, military, probation officers, crisis clinicians, in-home therapy teams, and others. 

Please explore our Online Self-Paced Training opportunities and Customized Staff Training options. If you have any questions about the Institute or want more information about training, please contact us or send email to:

Institute Staff

Institute for Solution Focused Therapy, LLC

PO Box 15
Westminster MA 01473

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