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This weeklong workshop is for you if you are in need of inspiration and hope in your work. Have an opportunity to practice solution focused skills through role plays, lively discussions and video case examples. Leave with practical “how to” skills that you can immediately use with the clients you serve. Additional benefits include caring for yourself while caring for others. Come get inspired and energized!

Who is this for: clinicians, social workers, psychologists, nurses, physicians, educators and nutritionists.

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Solution-Focused Fundamentals and Practice  Online Blended Certificate Course

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Coaching For Medical Professionals, Educators, and Clinicians

The Solution-Focused Approach can be used successfully to find satisfying outcomes for both patients and clinicians alike. My hope is for clients to build on and rekindle excitement and enthusiasm for their profession, enhance feelings of hope and optimism and offer practical “how to” skills to enhance your career.

Working in the medical field requires great skill, stamina and resilience and consequently can be highly fulfilling and stressful. I am pleased to be offering individual and small group Solution-Focused Coaching for people working in the medical profession including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nutritionists, and other medical professionals.

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 Customized Training Programs

We are pleased to offer customized on-site trainings.We also now provide trainings in the Greater New England area.

All of our training hours can be used towards the International Solution-Focused Practitioner Certificate.We are members of the International Association of Solution-Focused Training Institute.

COMING SOON: Solution Focused Academic Advising:  A Tool to Promote Retention
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Framingham State University

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“Solution Focused Inspirations”

The "Solution-Focused Inspirations” newsletter is dedicated to the late
Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer. Our “Best Hope” for the newsletter
is to continue to learn and inspire one another in the practice of
Solution-Focused Therapy.
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