Customized Agency Training

The Solution-Focused approach, while initially developed in a psychotherapy setting, can be effectively applied in many different human service settings, including mental health, social services, health care, education, and human resource management. Because of its brevity, positive and future focus, and collaborative nature, many organizations have found the Solution-Focused approach extremely helpful for their staff and even desirable as an overall organization-wide philosophy.

We offer customized training and consultation in evidence-based Solution-Focused Practices to agencies and organizations.  We strive to customize your training to meet your unique agency needs and goals. We have provided training for many groups in diverse settings such as:

  • Hospitals and other Healthcare Settings
  • Integrative Care
  • Community Mental Health Centers
  • Social Service Centers
  • Youth and Family Service Agencies
  • Substance Use Treatment and Recovery Programs
  • Schools
  • College Counseling and Advising Centers
  • Business and Human Resource Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Palliative Care
  • Mental Performance Coaching

We welcome the opportunity to arrange a custom pre-training consultation to discuss your best hopes to ensure that our training will make a positive difference for your unique work environment.

Agency Training Offering

We are often asked, “What is the best way to learn the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy approach in the most effective manner?” We have found a combined hybrid approach a very successful training method. We offer two hybrid program options for agencies. Our hybrid training programs combine a live-interactive synchronous experience with an asynchronous learning component maximizing training effectiveness. Our programs are designed to provide practical skills that can be immediately implemented with your clients and come in two options, a basic and a plus version.

PROGRAM OPTION 1:  Solution-Focused Skills and Practice- Basic:

Includes the 3-hour asynchronous online course Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: An Introduction to the Pragmatics of Hope combined with the 12-hour synchronous course Solution-Focused Skills and Practice for Agencies.

PROGRAM OPTION 2: Solution-Focused Skills and Practice- Plus:

Includes the 19.5-hour asynchronous online course Foundations of Solution-Focused Practices Online Intensive  combined with the 12-hour synchronous course Solution-Focused Skills and Practice for Agencies.

OPTIMIZATION OPTION: Additional follow-up live synchronous training sessions customized to individual agency needs, mandates and targeted clinical populations.

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