Karen Shklanka, MD

Karen Shlanka, poetry writer

Karen Shklanka, poetry writer

Karen Shklanka MD is a  Family Physician certified with the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and  Solution-Focused therapist based in Vancouver. She does specialist work in addiction medicine at the Royal Columbian Hospital.  In addition, Karen is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, serving as the Vancouver-Fraser faculty for Behavioral Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine at UBC.

She has a special interest in counseling and coaching physicians, resident physicians, and other health care professionals, and has developed the ORCA© video review coaching method for clinical communication and physician resilience. She trained in Solution-Focused Therapy with Lance Taylor, Brenda Zalter-Minden, Peter Szabo, Joel Simon, and Heather Fiske.

She also holds a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing (from the University of British Columbia), and has published two books of poetry: “Sumac’s Red Arms” (Coteau Books 2009), and “Ceremony of Touching” (Coteau Books 2016).

Red ArmsSumac’s Red Arms






Ceremony_TouchingCeremony of Touching


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Please Note: Counseling services offered by Karen Shklanka, are not affiliated with the Institute for Solution-Focused Therapy, which is a training and educational institute.