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“Who” is the person in person-centered care? A Solution-Focused perspective.

Anne Bodmer Lutz, B.S.N. M.D. What does “person-centered care” mean? The use of this terminology is frequent, but the concept is vague. "Person-centered care" (PCC) has been recognized as one of the critical elements needed for the redesign of our nation's health care system (IOM, 2001). The Institute of Medicine (2001) defined PCC as “care [Read More]


“BUT NOW IT’S COOL TO SEE THAT MY PARENTS ARE PROUD OF ME!:” A SPARKLING MOMENT INTERVIEW  James G. McCullagh             In the spring of 2017 one of the assignments at the end of the semester in Dr. Anne Lutz’s Solution-Focused Fundamentals course[1] was to present on a topic that had inspired each of us.  [Read More]

Anxiety in Youth: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Approaches that Produce Results

Anne Bodmer Lutz, B.S.N., M.D. Anxiety is a common occurrence for children and adolescents with lifetime prevalence rates ranging from 2.6% to 20%. Children and adolescents coping with anxiety may experience lower achievement, difficulties with social and emotional functioning, depression, and substance use disorders. There are many examples of how anxiety presents with youth: school [Read More]

Inspirations from our Summer Intensive Certificate Program

After attending the Summer Intensive Certificate Program in Solution-Focused Therapy Principles and Practice, I feel a sense of possibility. I registered for the training hoping to gain skills and knowledge that I could integrate into my clinical practice. Having completed the program, I feel renewed and restored, both professionally and personally. The experience, knowledge, and [Read More]

Lists, Nutrition, and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

By Richard Kahn, Ph.D., MS, RD Specializing in Infants, Children, and Families | Facebook page is RichardKahnNutrition Solution-Focused brief therapists use lists. We make lists every time we keep track of positive exceptions or explore the details of exceptions, e.g., "is there anything or anyone else?” Lists are especially useful when applying SFBT in the [Read More]

Solution-Focused Coaching

For Medical Professionals, Educators, and Clinicians The Solution-Focused Approach can be used successfully to find satisfying outcomes for both patients and clinicians alike. My hope is for clients to build on and rekindle excitement and enthusiasm for their profession, enhance feelings of hope and optimism and offer practical “how to” skills [Read More]

How Solution-Focused Therapy can help battle the Opioid Epidemic: Tools to Enhance Engagement

Anne Bodmer Lutz, B.S.N., M.D. The current epidemic of opioid use has been called the worst drug crisis in American history with associated overdose deaths building across the nation. It is affecting nearly every city and town in the United State and is the epidemic of the 21st Century. For this reason, we thought it [Read More]

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