Solution-Focused  Certification

IASTIWe are pleased to offer several ways to get certified including: in-person training, customized agency training and online training. Below we have provided frequently asked questions related to Solution-Focused certification. If you do not find the information you are seeking please contact us regarding your certification questions. We are members of IASTI.

1. Who should get certified in the Solution-Focused approach?”
The IASTI Solution-Focused Certification training program is open to professionals with graduate degrees in mental health practice such as psychiatry, social work, counseling, psychology, psychiatric nursing, and other professions in which Solution-Focused is applicable such as medical practice, business coaching, consulting, supervision, and education.

2. What is the advantage of Solution-Focused IASTI certification?”
The IAST Solution-Focused Practitioner Certificate officially recognizes individuals who have mastered core knowledge of principles and key evidence-based Solution-Focused techniques, have completed at least 50 hours of IASTI approved direct Solution-Focused instruction in in , and have completed at least 100 hours of educational practice activities in which they have demonstrated competency in practicing and applying Solution-Focused principles and techniques in a manner appropriate to their profession in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

3. Is it necessary to be a certified Solution-Focused Practitioner in order to practice this Solution-Focused approach?”
It is not necessary to be certified in order to practice the Solution-Focused approach.

4.Who can become certified in the Solution-Focused approach?”
Professionals working in settings in which credentialing is helpful for establishing and maintaining professional credibility are most likely to benefit from IASTI Solution-Focused certification. The IASTI certificate can also be a practical and useful competency indicator for instructors wishing to teach the Solution-Focused approach to others In the future.

5. What is the difference between training and Solution-Focused therapy and certification?
Those who earn the IASTI Solution-Focused practitioner certificate level I  have completed a minimum of 100 additional hours of learning and practice activities and have demonstrated competency in the core Solution-Focused principles and technique in addition to completing at 50 hours of instruction with a IASTI approved instructor.

6. How do I earn the IASTI Solution-Focused Practitioner certificate?”
Contact an IASTI-affiliated Solution-Focused training institute and register for an approved training Solution-Focused training course.
Complete 50 hours of formal training.
Complete 100 hours of Solution-Focused educational and practice activities subsequent to the 50 hours of formal training and document these in a law provided by the IASTI affiliate Institute where you completed the majority of your Solution-Focused training.(These activities may include viewing Solution-Focused training videos, reading books, articles etc on the Solution-Focused approach. Schedule an examination with a staff member at the IASTI affiliate Solution-Focused institute where you completed the majority of years of training. Pass the exam successfully pay a $150 processing fee.

7. How many levels of Solution-Focused certification are offered?
The Institute for Solution-Focused therapy currently offers  level 1 and 2 certification through IASTI.  Additional certificates are available from select IASTI affiliate institutes.

8. Does the Institute offer any academic degrees?”
The Institute does not offer any academic degrees. We offer a Certificate in Solution-Focused Practices as part of our affiliation with IASTI. This is a certificate which certifies basic training and education in Solution-Focused practices. However, it is not an academic degree, nor a license to practice. Those seeking certification already have an academic degree in an appropriate discipline, such as a Master’s in counseling, or doctorate in clinical psychology or a Master’s in Business Administration, and are licensed or otherwise credentialed to practice their discipline in their jurisdiction. This certification documents their additional training and education in Solution-Focused practices.

9. What can you use to count towards the 100 hours of Solution-Focused educational and practice activities and how are these documented?
The 100 hours of educational and practice activities can include reading books and articles, doing Solution-Focused role play exercises, applying the Solution-Focused approach to one’s work, and viewing Solution-Focused videos. These are documented and described in a log kept by the person applying for certification. A copy of the log is sent to the certifying IASTI institute when the application for certification is made.

10. What is the difference between 50 hours provided by an instructor and the 100 hours of educational practice activities?
The 50 hours provided by the instructor are direct ( in-person or “live” virtual online )instruction while the hundred hours of practice in educational activities do not require live or “live online” contact with an instructor.