Accessibility Statement

ISFT encourages learners of all abilities to partake in our courses. We strive to provide an inclusive learning environment. An applicant with a disability may request reasonable accommodations. We deliver materials to the best of our ability to accommodate those with disabilities. This includes closed captioning for all video recordings with an attached written transcript. We provide individualized assistance to adapt our courses as needed. 

We will do our best to work together with individuals to provide the course content in formats that are accessible to all. For participants who are visually impaired, dyslexic, or have reading comprehension challenges, we provide printable PDFs for those with screen difficulties provide plain text PDFs of slides to be put through text-to-speech software. We seek input from participants to do our best to make all of our courses accessible for learners. 

Please contact us at or 508-202-1564 with any questions regarding how we can best serve your learning needs.