Customized Agency Training and Consultation

We are pleased to offer customized training and consultation to agencies. We work hard to meet your individualized needs and goals. We would love to talk with you and discuss your best hopes so you can be confident that our training will make a positive difference for your unique work environment. We have provided training to many agencies applying solution-focused practices to diverse settings such as in the medical field, schools, community mental health clinics, college advising, and many others. (See the list of types of training we have provided). We continually are inspired by the amazing work people are doing and hope through our collaboration with your agency, the skills you learn, and practice will be immediately applied in your unique setting ultimately resulting in improved client outcomes.


Coaching For Medical Professionals, Educators, and Clinicians

Working in the medical, educational, and mental health field requires great skill, stamina, and resilience and consequently can be highly fulfilling and stressful. We offer both individual and group coaching. Coaching currently is offered in our West Boylston, MA office. We hope to create safe and nurturing settings that increase your confidence, optimism, and hope and rekindle excitement and enthusiasm for your profession. If you are interested in online coaching, please send us an email, and we will try our best to create a plan that works for you and your groups.
All of our training hours can be applied towards the International Solution-Focused Practitioner Certificate. We are members of the International Association of Solution-Focused Training Institute.

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Types of Trainings  that have been provided by the Institute

  1. Foundations of Solution-Focused Therapy
  2. Solution-Focused Therapy with Children and Families
  3. Solution-Focused Brief therapy for substance abuse disorders
  4. Reaching the unreachable adolescent: Solution-Focused approaches to enhance engagement
  5. Solution-Focused therapy for couples
  6. Solution-Focused Supervision
  7. An Introduction to Evidenced-based solution-focused interviewing
  8. Solution focused approaches in the treatment of trauma
  9. Solution-Focused Academic Advising
  10. Solution-Focused brief therapy in schools – the WOWW approach
  11. Solution-Focused brief therapy for mandated/externally motivated clients
  12. Solution-Focused conversations in the medical interview: a patient-centered approach
  13. Solution-Focused brief therapy in the psychopharmacology visit
  14. Solution-Focused therapy in the group setting
  15. Solution-Focused consultation
  16. Solution-Focused approaches in the classroom
  17. Solution-Focused conversations to build and enhance client engagement