Solution-Focused Fundamentals and Practice  Online Blended Certificate Course
Date: Spring 2017 January 17 – May 12th, 2017
Framingham State University

Course number is CPSY 931 C1H

This course provides an introduction to foundational knowledge, training and practice in the Solution-Focused approach. The course reviews the evolution of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, the core therapeutic elements of this approach, current evidence supporting it, and delineates this approach from other therapeutic models.

The class is taught in a blended “hybrid” format that includes 3 in-person class days and 14 classes using a web-based program called Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Synchronous interactive online lectures, videos, practice exercises, role-plays, professional diaries, and other learning activities, including selected readings and quizzes, are used. Students who successfully complete the course will be Eligible for Level 1 Solution-Focused Practitioner Certification in Solution-Focused practices.

Weekly online activities will include a combination of a synchronous interactive lecture, practice exercises, video demonstrations and discussion of the week’s reading. There will be a “Guest Expert” lecture series in which several guest experts from around the world will talk about applications of solution-focused therapy. Weekly homework will include a combination of readings, personal and professional practice training activities, and techniques learned in class will be practiced during working hours. All synchronous and face-to-face classes will be recorded for reference if needed.

This course received a  Course of Distinction Award in 2016 through the  Massachusetts College Online (MCO) recognizing it as a model for an online and blended learning course in Solution-Focused Fundamentals and Practice.
Cost: $1,170
Date: Spring 2017 January 17 – May 12 th , 2017
Face to Face meetings: 1/21/17; 2/18/17; 5/6/17 (all from 10-2pm)
Synchronous sessions will be held every Thursday from 7-9pm.

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Registration steps

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