After attending the Summer Intensive Certificate Program in Solution-Focused Therapy Principles and Practice, I feel a sense of possibility. I registered for the training hoping to gain skills and knowledge that I could integrate into my clinical practice. Having completed the program, I feel renewed and restored, both professionally and personally.

The experience, knowledge, and talent of all the participants impacted me significantly. Participating in the discussions, listening to the work that my colleagues are doing and learning from them, as well as from Anne and Yvonne was motivating and inspiring. When I shared (sometimes hesitantly for fear of saying something stupid), I was pleasantly surprised with, “Yeah” or “I was thinking that too” or my favorite, “Wow, I’m going to write that down.

Now I am armed with some new ideas that I look forward to putting into practice. If I get back to my office and feel like a fish out of water, I will remember the faces of friends at my table and the words of encouragement which will keep me practicing. I will remember Anne and some of her practice strategies including: “Go back to the 4 square”, the “anesthesia,” the “deposits,” the “For You’s,” “try a VIP” and “look for the exception.”

While I am in awe of the experience and expertise of Anne and Yvonne, I am willing to bet that we all have the common goal of helping others and a desire to learn more and do better. I am committed to that path. I hope that all of you reading this take the first step towards achieving your preferred future.

Erin Sepe, M.A., LMHC
East Greenwich, RI